Our Company

Our team is separate from others by a combination of:

  • The breadth and caliber of our technology
  • The talented and dedicated people who work here
  • The services we offer that put clients' needs first
  • Our independent ownership structure
  • Our competitive pricing
  • Our focus on providing Indispensable Service to our clients because we recognize that our success is dependent on our clients—not the other way around

Yet more meaningfully, our culture is special and rare, and this is apparent when you walk our halls or call our office. We believe we are successful because we:

  • Believe that our business, like life, is really all about the quality of personal relationships
  • Value intellectual curiosity, preach flexibility and entrepreneurship, and take criticism constructively
  • Offer the breadth and depth of services and technology of a large corporation, but are small enough to quickly adapt and flourish in this ever-changing climate
  • Hire smart, caring professionals who excel at what they do and truly enjoy interacting with others
  • Foster a workplace where colleagues become lifelong friends
  • Honor the determination of every individual affiliated with our firm to develop their skills
  • Work very hard to maintain a culture and environment where our team enjoys coming to work, and where clients enjoy their interaction with our firm

Bob McMahon, DBA Premier Wealth Management, are registered with Commonwealth Financial Network® (Commonwealth), a leading Registered Investment Adviser - broker/dealer and network of independent financial advisors. Thanks to this affiliation with Commonwealth, access to virtually any financial vehicle is available to their clients; they’re not pressured to sell proprietary products, so there’s less potential for any conflict of interest to creep into a client relationship. They believe they can do their best from your side of the table.